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Light & Relaxation combined: Equipped with a MP3 player, PSiO is a pair of glasses which combines music or relaxation by voices with light stimulation.

Do you suffer from sleep disorders? Are you permanently tired or even sometimes depressed? The PSiO technology offers an innovative, simple, and effective solution to rediscover optimum well being. DO YOU EXPERIENCE ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS ? : - Sleep Disorder - Chronic Fatigue & Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - Shift work & Intellectual Strain -> USE THE PSiO SOLUTION Thanks to the PSiO sessions, you will be able to: - Fall asleep easily and enjoy a peaceful sleep - Be in a good mood again - Have a quick mental recovery HOW TO USE IT? --- When ? --- Depending on the time of the day and your needs, the sessions are tailored in terms of rhythms, colors and eventually relaxing messages. The PSiO solution can be divided into 1 to 3 sessions per day: 1. Morning Sessions (positive visions): They allow you to wake up more efficiently with the adequate light and start the day in good shape thanks to positive visualization experienced with your PSiO. 2. Afternoon Sessions (music): They are 'power-nap' programs which allow you to have a very short and efficient recovery break in music while stimulating the mind. The Result: you will feel highly energized ! 3. Evening sessions (relaxing voices): The pulsed colors associated with relaxing voices & music help you stop the incessant flow of thoughts and naturally put your mind at rest. This is the ideal alternative to sleeping pills. However, besides these 1-to-3-sessions-a-day program, you can use the PSiO whenever and wherever the need for relaxation or recovery arises. Indeed, in contrast to drugs, this method has proven after 20 years of practive that there are no side effects. Besides, PSiO is also ceertified by the French National Measurement Laboratory (LNE) to be completely safe for the eyes. --- Continuous or pulsed light ? --- The programs in the 'Pulsed Light' mode favor a quick distraction of one's attention helping to shut down 'brain chatter'. they are appropriate for sleep or stress disorders. the programs in the 'Continuous Light' mode are, in turn, frequently used to fight against SAD. --- Eyes open or closed ? --- Even with closed eyes, the light comes through the eyelids. However, it is advisable to use the PSiO: - Eyes opened in the morning : programs designed for awakening (guided visualization by voice); - Eyes opened or closed in the afternoon: programs designed to make a break/nap (music); - Eyes closed in the evening: programs designed to be listened to in bed before sleep (relaxing voices). GUARANTEES OF EFFICIENCY The PSiO technology has been used for over 20 years in recovery rooms, sleep laboratories and also hospitals to replace or reduce painkillers and sedatives that are normally administered alongside local or loco-regional anesthesia to counter stress during surgery. NASA recently purchased the PSiO to test its effectiveness in regulating astronauts' jet lag and stress management. For more information on clinical experience, scientific studies on light therapy and the relaxing effect induced by the PSiO, visit our website: PSiO ... More than Relaxation!